Lillians purpose is to serve women. It was never about the sales, but building a real relationship with women, making it a fun and memorable experience to come shop our store. In that same way, Lillians looks to serve others and has chosen Wrapped in Love as the non-profit to give to these last couple years, by giving a percentage of sales from the annual Fall Fashion Show to it's mission: To connect the needs of foster families with the generosity of the community through the love of Jesus Christ. Wrapped in Love aims to impact the lives of children in foster care in a positive way through meeting their clothing needs and serving foster families.  

Lillians has been a part of the annual Pink Street Party / Street Party of Hope throughout the years, and gives annually to our local non-profits. We also sponsor community events through the local Chamber of Commerce. "Having a store in Buffalo means being integrated in the community", says owner Sue Olmscheid.

fashion + Community at its finest

"“My daughter and I always feel like we are shopping at a special friends boutique.”

They are always so friendly and helpful! They have unique styles and great variety! 

I love the unique style that Lillians offers. You don’t find these items at your big box store and the staff helps put cute outfits together when you need it! Lillians truly represents small town shopping at its best!

What is the occasional sale all about? It's about being open only 4 days a month (the first full Thursday through Sunday each month) and showing an all new array or merchandise, making each month a whole new shopping experience. Though the concept is still there, with 5 shoppes adhering to that schedule, you will find most shops open EVERY Thursday through Saturday, making Buffalo a great place to shop regardless of when you stop!

What started as a Facebook Live event during the pandemic, has turned into an annual live, on the streets event each fall. Look for the show in September! There are limited amounts of tickets sold and the ticket price is donated to Wrapped in Love. With a little swag bag and a free glass of wine, it makes for a fun night sitting outside watching our models show the newest in fall fashion. 

Want a fun time with your bestie? Come in April or October to Buffalo's retail community's Ladies Day Out, where you can shop ALL the independently owned retail stores with prize drawings, food trucks and more! It's a special day shop, have lunch or a wine at one of our local restaurants, and just celebrate you!

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