I have now owned Lillians for over 15 years and it seems like yesterday!  Time has flown, many memories have been made, and much has changed, but the mission is still the same - to serve women!  I work FT at the Chamber of Commerce so my time in the Shoppe is treasured!

I wear a little bit of everything, but love color and pattern!  I like long flowy dresses and a good fitting jean.  That's why Liverpool is the only brand I carry.  You will never see me with less than 4 rings on my fingers but my favorite fashion item to collect is shoes!



I enjoy helping women more senior than I, find something special. I think it's awesome that they choose to shop a boutique store. It brings me joy!

I am a Mom of 3, a Grandma of 4 and a dog mom of 2. My favorite thing to do is get out on the open road on our motorcycle ( I ride not drive). There is nothing better than seeing the country from the back of our Goldwing!

I love working at Lillians! Playing with fashion is my happy place. It is always a pleasure to help ladies find something that makes them feel good. I like to encourage them to try different things and find the items they will love. 

My favorite items right now are my Liverpool Gia skinny bottoms
(I have 3 in rotation) and the long denim jacket. It’s fun to mix them with different tops. I have dressed many ladies the day of or day before a wedding. It brings me joy to see them feeling beautiful.  

I am a Boy mom- one in college ( he is my Agriculture boy) and one approaching his senior year high school (sports boy). I spend many hours watching Toby play. My husband loves to plant sweet corn for me to freeze. 

camo queen

Lisa C.

I love all the on-trend, unique styles of fashion that Lillian's carries. People that come into the shoppe are happy and are happier when they leave as they have found an item(s) that they LOVE! I have been a Lillian's shopper from the time they first came to Buffalo. Perfect shoppe to work; near effortless selling.

Blowfish is the best! Can never have enough! I love the Mono-b athletic wear, Chris & Carol (versatile and easy to wear), Hem & Thread, and of course....Liverpool!

A memorable moment was a little girl shopping with her mom. She had her eye on a necklace that was displayed on a mannequin (along with a blouse). She kept going back and looking at it with a confused, kinda disappointed look on her face. I finally asked her if I could help her and she said “I like that necklace, but do I have to buy the blouse TOO?”

I have seen this quote over and over “If not now, THEN when?”. I am at a time in my life that the “when” makes perfect sense. It does not have to be the perfect, calculated “time or moment”. Life is too short to wait for the “when?”.

cutest little lillians lady


I love fashion, I love jewelry, I love shoes, I love a bargain – and I am willing to work for it 😊

I enjoy visiting with the women who come in to shop. It's fun having a reason to dress up and go to work. As a child, my favorite playtime was playing grocery store and I was the check out lady. My favorite brands are: UMGEE, Easel, Chris & Carol & Liverpool. Of course, I always carry a Lillian’s handbag. I have had many, many fun experiences with women at our store. The most exiting experience  I had to get a bat out of the store! I had to chase it around with a broom and a box. (Don't' worry, bats aren't the norm at Lillians!)

My favorite part of working is when the women come out of the dressing room and allow us to see them and help them find what they are looking for.  

lover of color and pattern


I enjoy the fun atmosphere, unpacking and getting the new items ready for our awesome customers!

Umgee is my long-time favorite brand. I absolutely must have any item that has leopard print!

My favorite memory while working at Lillians is assisting a cute older couple that came in to buy his wife an outfit to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Outside of Lillians my hubby and I have seven beautiful, fun, and exhausting grandchildren! I enjoy spending time with my mom and playing Bingo with her at Park Terrace assisted living. I love to decorate, do yoga and pilates and walking. My new endeavor is to restore my many boxes of photos and memories.


Lisa k.

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